Call for papers ETHIKA+ No. 5: Beyond Humanism


The journal ETHIKA+ invites contributions of original manuscripts, translations or reviews for the regular issue No. 5 of the journal.

In this issue we will receive:

  • Original manuscripts on topics covered by our journal in general
  • Original Manuscripts on the topic Beyond Humanism
  • Translations
  • Reviews

Issue 5 will feature Professor Dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner and will include a special section on Nietzschean transhumanism.

For more information and to see our previous issues:

Deadline for receipt of articles: 31/01/2022

Publication of the new issue: April 2021

Beyond Humanism

How can we care for ourselves, for others, for the non-human, for the earth and nature where the human, all too human, has colonised every aspect of our existence? Is there a Beyond Humanism?

This call aims to generate a space for discussion and reflection from a plurality of approaches - Post/Trans/Meta-Humanist - on the social, environmental, political, etc. conflicts that depend on our conceptions of ourselves and the implications they have for the rest of the existence.